4 Low Impact Exercises That Can Limit Soreness and Joint Discomfort



Oftentimes, people find exercising to be uncomfortable because they get sore muscles and joints.

The pain from soreness and tired joints can be equally frustrating for people who are avid fitness enthusiasts, beginners, or folks looking to get back into experiencing the benefits of regular exercise.

To help with this frustration, why not try low impact exercises? These exercises will help you stay active while limiting soreness and joint pain.

Here are some great alternatives to running or weight lifting: walking, cycling, elliptical machine, or swimming.

  • Walking outdoors in the spring, summer, or fall is an easy alternative. Mall walking, grocery store aisle walking, or supermarket walking are all great options in the winter.
  • Cycling is very low impact and can be done indoor or outdoor. Outdoor cycling in the spring, summer, or fall is loads of fun and indoor stationary bike riding solo or with a spin class is an excellent low impact activity.
  • Most gym memberships offer elliptical machines that are low impact and high on customization. On many elliptical machines, the stride length, resistance, and pace are all customizable.
  • In many communities a swimming pool is available for a nominal fee. Several areas offer $5 lap swimming. Also, local school districts often offer free community swimming.


My personal favorite is using the elliptical for forty-five minutes followed by a bike ride.

Each of these exercises are low impact, and can help you limit soreness and joint discomfort.

Shane Preston, Fitness Ambassador