Fitness Ambassador Farewell

It has been a great year sharing personal moments and thoughts of fitness and health. Unfortunately, this week I learned of a new cancer diagnosis. This is something that 50% of us will experience in our lifetime. Although the treatment may require surgery, there will be a curative result…so that’s fortunate.

All of us will face challenges throughout our lives- health, financial, or otherwise-with outcomes which may have long-term effects. Whether or not we persevere and adapt to the consequences will be up to us. A successful life can be measured in so many ways. The key is to maintain control of whatever you can and attempt to minimize that which you cannot.

Therefore, eat well and exercise with passion. Hopefully, if you are faced with a cancer or ill-health diagnosis, you will be able to continue to enjoy life and make these moments a lesser part of your past.

Many thanks for reading and sharing my thoughts over the past year and may you have many years of health, exercise and passion ahead. Consider becoming an active member of the Michigan Fitness Foundation and sharing your stories and expertise. It may be the message which will change someone’s life.

Written by Michael Lutz, 2016 Fitness Ambassador