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In 2013, a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment in Dearborn identified the top four community health issues as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and access to care. To address this, Beaumont (then Oakwood), launched Healthy Dearborn. The Healthy Dearborn Coalition was formed to create a unified culture of health. Their vision and mission was to ensure all residents have abundant access to healthy lifestyle opportunities; healthy foods, health care, and green space with opportunities for safe, and active living. With this in mind, the following five programs were created; Healthy Schools, Healthy at Work, Healthy at Play, Healthy Foods and Healthy Transportation. Since 2015, the community has embraced Healthy Dearborn. Through Beaumont Health, the City of Dearborn and Dearborn Public Schools they are achieving their goal to promote healthy eating and active living in Dearborn.


Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is an urban and suburban community with active residents of all ages. By focusing on solving current problems, keeping an eye on future trends and embracing technological advances, Grand Rapids has an actionable vision that increases opportunities for physical activity and recreation. By choosing to invest in their streets, sidewalks, bicycle facilities and parks in a tangible way, citizens have an increased quality of life. Grand Rapids’ plan for facilitating physical activity incorporates the sum of five complementary strategies; Bike-Friendly Streets, Healthy Parks System, Walkable Communities, Building a Cohesive Infrastructure and Preparing for Aging Baby Boomers. The City Commission has codified a safety philosophy through the passage of local ordinances such as a 5-foot safe passing law to protect bicyclists. The community has shown their support by passing a voter-supported millage for the Parks and Recreation Department to upgrade neighborhood parks and invest in facilities and materials that increase community interaction and play. Whether it’s the commuter who wants to start biking to work, vision-impaired brothers who want to get to the park or the senior citizen who is starting to explore the city through the public transit system, Grand Rapids strives to create and maintain an active, age-friendly, community.



For years, Flint has been putting the building blocks in place to cultivate an active, healthy community, including meaningful community engagement, physical activity programming, nutrition and health education, parks improvements, and policy and plan implementation Through Safe & Active Genesee for Everyone (SAGE), a coalition of more than 20 organizations throughout the county to work together to affect policy, systems, and environment change for improved physical activity. In partnership with the City of Flint, Flint Community Schools, neighborhood groups, and local businesses there are active Safe Routes to School programs and nutrition education in all Flint Community Schools. To support active living, the City of Flint designed and adopted Imagine Flint, their new master plan that included a health theme to support all residents at all stages of life and socio-economic status. Flint has made an intentional decision to create a healthier community through collaboration with and support from a variety of partners, including the Genesee County Planning Commission, Genesee County Parks, Greater Flint Health Coalition, Crim Fitness Foundation, Michigan Department of Transportation, Michigan Fitness Foundation, and Ruth Mott Foundation, C.S. Mott Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, key stakeholders and community champions.