GFA Healthy Workplace Award

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To submit a nomination for the GFA Healthy Workplace Award, head over to, and register to use the site.  After registering, you can complete the DHEW assessment by clicking on the image under “Your DHEW Assessments,” and then “Click here to continue this Assessment.”

The application deadline is November 16th. Applicants will be notified within 4 weeks of the deadline if they are being considered for the award.

About the DHEW Assessment

For the past four years we have partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services’ 4 x 4 Partnership, part of Governor Snyder’s Michigan Health and Wellness 4 x 4 Plan, to work together to identify and celebrate Healthy Workplaces around the state. When applying for the award, extra point consideration was taken into account for companies that had completed the Designing Healthy Environments at Work (DHEW) assessment, one of the evidence-based tools from the DHEW suite of tools, to assist leaders at worksites across the state to implement policies, systems and environments that make the healthy choice easier at work. 4 x 4 Partners have led by example and have taken the assessment at their own worksite and are currently implementing actions based on assessment results, including the Michigan Fitness Foundation and MDHHS, to lead by example.

The DHEW suite contains tools and resources to improve a worksite’s infrastructure to support health, physical activity, healthy eating and tobacco-free lifestyles. The web-based tools are available to all employers in Michigan free of charge. The DHEW suite of tools include:

  • an assessment to identify evidence-based worksite wellness actions that the worksite has already accomplished, partially accomplished and/or have not yet started to implement.  Actions support employees in being physically active, making healthy nutrition choices, and being tobacco-free;
  • a feedback report with suggestions for improvement;
  • an action planning tool that can assist a wellness team in selecting the improvements to be pursued and to document progress toward goals;
  • survey tools to capture employee interests and feedback; and
  • a success story tool to document and share a worksite’s achievements
  • a web-based Worksite Wellness Resource Guide with step-by-step instructions to help users implement an evidence-based worksite wellness policies, environments and programs wellness at their workplace.


The Michigan Fitness Foundation has found the DHEW evidence-based assessment tool, based on CDC best practices to be incredibly useful and in an effort to avoid duplication have decided that completion of the DHEW assessment is your official application for GFA consideration.