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Health Through Literacy Makes Reading Fun and Healthy

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Health Through Literacy is a book set of five to six books, age-appropriate for each grade K–5. Each set includes books with nutrition or physical activity themes.

Every book comes with a tip sheet to enhance the health messages in the books. The tip sheets help teachers discuss the books with their classes, incorporate physical activity into the reading of the book, provide ideas for a food tasting for students, and integrate health messages with other areas of the curriculum. View a sample teacher tip sheet

Health Through Literacy Makes Reading Fun and Healthy productsHealth Through Literacy Titles By Grade Level

Kindergarten: "Eating the Alphabet"; "Feast for 10"; "I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato"; "Little Pea"; "Wash Your Hands"; "We Like to Move"

Grade 1: "Carla’s Sandwich"; "Chicks and Salsa"; "Germs Make Me Sick"; "Let’s Eat"; "Midday Meals Around the World"; "Rap a Tap Tap"

Grade 2: "Cook-a Doodle-doo"; "Nothing to Do"; "Pizza Counting"; "The Vegetable Alphabet Book"; "Tops and Bottoms"; "Wake Up, World!"

Grade 3: "Bread and Jam for Frances"; "How Do You Raise a Raisin?"; "Let’s Eat"; "Pick! Pull! Snap!"; "Pumpkin Runner"; "Yum! MmMm! Que Rico!"

Grade 4: "Fannie in the Kitchen"; June 29, 1999; "Life Like Mine"; "Tea with Milk"; "Wilma Unlimited"; "What’s Cooking, Jenny Archer?"

Grade 5: "International Cookbook for Kids"; "Blue Potatoes, Orange Tomatoes"; "Eating the Plates"; "K is for Kick"; "Monster Health Book"

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