Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools 3-5

Little girl holding vegetables

Grades 3–5

Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools for third grade through fifth grade includes ten lessons incorporating 32 activities. Teachers can introduce and reinforce healthy messages with such activities as I Spy a Healthy Classroom and Colorful Fruits and Vibrant Veggies.

The materials also include the resource Ensuring Success with Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools to give teachers additional support when implementing the lessons and activities.

Also offered are companion books with nutrition and physical activity themes tailored for each grade. There are three books for each grade level—third, fourth and fifth grade—available. Titles include Everybody Cooks Rice, Food, and Bug Dance for third grade; Magda's Tortillas, The Busy Body Book, and A Bad Case of the Stripes for fourth grade; and Kids Around the World Cook, Burp, and Hoops for fifth grade.

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