July: Time to Talk Nutrition

July indicates that we are halfway through 2016 and halfway through the summer.  I always get a little upset when July 4th rolls around because summer feels like it's on the way out.  But then I kick up my optimistic attitude and realize we still have lots more time to get out and enjoy it.  I also realized that I have talked a lot about physical activity on this blog but haven't spent any time talking about nutrition, and we all know that this plays a large role in how we feel and perform. 

Our body needs to have fuel to be able to perform but not all fuel is created equal.   I have some key points that I try to remember related to nutrition and how it fuels my body:

  • We are a society that loves sugar and we need to learn to balance our intake of it with foods that will provide us with minerals and nutrients. Most foods that are high in sugar taste great but don't give us good fuel to keep our engines running for long.
  • Don't drink your calories.  Drink your water. 
  • Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Half your plate at EACH meal needs to be filled with fruits and veggies- head to your local farmer’s market this time of year to buy locally grown produce.
  • Read the food ingredient list on everything you consume.  If you can't read what it is, do you really want it in your body?
  • Moderation-  Keep it all in balance.  A serving of your favorite ice cream every once in a while is okay, enjoy it!  Just not every day. 

Keep it simple.  Keep your engine running and keep moving towards your goals.  Nutrition needs to be part of your plan!

Written by Karla Palmer, 2016 Fitness Ambassador