MI Smart Commute

Co-workers bicycling through the city for MI Smart CommuteMI Smart Commute

The Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council’s (MidMEAC) Smart Commute is an annual two-week program designed to reduce your carbon footprint, increase physical activity and engage in some friendly competition by walking, biking, carpooling or taking public transit to work, lunch, meetings or to run errands. Employee teams are encouraged to track their trips and earn points for each one. MidMEAC will award prizes to teams and team members for their accomplishments throughout the two weeks.

MI Smart Commute is a free resource that can walk you through creating a smart commute movement in your community. Learn everything from how to plan an event to reasons why smart commute is an important part of an active community.

To register your team for the Greater Lansing's Smart Commute Challenge, visit MidMEAC.org.