GFA 2017 Active Community Finalists

City of Ishpeming

The City of Ishpeming’s vision is to excel in both the promotion and the participation of all types of outdoor recreation in their community.  The City has a world class cross country ski trail system, which was recently recognized by the FIS as a certified and homologated cross-country ski course.  The City is home of the US National Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame, which encourages all types of winter sports.  During the summer months, the City has world-class facilities for bicycles, including well over 300 miles of mapped, marked and maintained wilderness mountain bike and hiking trails.  While the community has limitations and challenges, such as lost jobs from the recent closing of the Empire Mine and an aging water system, the community has strong beliefs and worth based on community health.  At every level of community, the City of Ishpeming supports its residents in their active community.  Click here for video


Waterford Township

Waterford Township has been slow to appreciate the importance of walkability in their community.  They have recently embraced this need in the community and are looking to build momentum for the future.  Waterford Township recently completed a critical connection on their River Walk on the Clinton River and budgeted $45,000 to repair and maintain existing non-motorized pathways.  They have also committed to educating their residents on existing infrastructure and encourage its use.  They also solicit feedback and suggestions on how to improve their systems.  Click here for video


Grass Lake Township and Village

Not only is Grass Lake a great place to call home, it is a healthy place to call home.  The first priority of the Grass Lake Community is to embrace the goals of the 5 Healthy Towns Comprehensive Wellness Plan.  In the last four years, Grass Lake has implemented 27 wellness programs thanks in part to the support and grants from 5 Healthy Towns.  Grass Lake is providing programs that serves its audience.  The wellness interventions are: inspiring, adhere to a standard of excellence, embrace a culture of wellness, provide proactive leaders, allow innovative and creative options, are well prepared for the future, focused on new sources of revenue, expand public access, and improve efficiency and effectiveness.  Click here for video