We occasionally have the need to work with third-party vendors to help us in achieving our goals.  All opportunities will be listed on this page as they become available. 

Note: this is strictly for outside vendors looking to be hired by MFF on a contractual basis.  If you are interested in the services we provide, please see our services page.  If you are interested in receiving grant funding, please check out our grants page.

Current Opportunities
Project Description

Michigan Fitness Foundation seeks an organization to produce accurate, well-researched SNAP-Ed aligned articles delivered digitally. Articles should be thought-provoking and locally-relevant to inspire people in our focus audience to eat healthy and move more.


SNAP-Ed participants and low-income families in select regions of Michigan, with a focus that informs and reaches low income parents and caregivers to support healthy lifestyles in the home.

NOTE: The SNAP-Ed audience is defined as SNAP participants and low-income individuals eligible to receive SNAP benefits or other means-tested Federal assistance programs, such as Medicaid or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, as well as individuals residing in communities with a significant low-income population.

About SNAP-Education (SNAP-Ed)

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) is the nutrition education and obesity prevention component of SNAP; its goal is to improve the likelihood that people eligible for SNAP will make nutritious food choices within a limited budget and choose physically active lifestyles consistent with the current USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

SNAP-Ed is an evidence-based program that works by building partnerships with all types of community organizations. Local organizations work within communities to deliver nutrition education classes and make changes that improve access to healthy food and safe places for physical activity.


Scope of Work


Narrative journalism that acknowledges the cultural, literacy, language, and basic social needs of our SNAP-Ed audience.


Consistently delivered online/digital magazine with homepage visibility, social media support, eNewsletters, with additional media placement as needed. Must have well-established communication channels in priority communities. Will consider vendor collaboration across regions to achieve statewide reach.

Project Schedule

12-month contract with possibility of annual renewal up to three years.


Tell the story of the work our SNAP-Ed partners are doing through the embedded journalism model.

  • Develop a locally relevant and engaging editorial framework based on the programs Michigan Fitness Foundation’s SNAP-Ed partners are implementing in their communities.
  • Feature Michigan Fitness Foundation partner school districts, non-profits, health organizations, and community champions through the work they do in their communities that motivates people to eat healthy and move more.
  • Share community-relevant ideas about eating healthy and being active through small and attainable choices.
  • Provide parents with locally-relevant ideas and tips to incorporate into meals and everyday activities that make the healthy choice is the easy choice. Promote a lifestyle around this concept.
  • Connect people with low-cost/no-cost community based physical activity resources through features of those resources.
  • Highlight how Michigan Fitness Foundation supports and builds collaborative partnerships and supports local capacity to improve health through increased access to physical activity opportunities, healthy food, and related education and events — effecting change throughout Michigan communities.
  • Use authentic content; sharing real life stories, tips, articles, and recipes that encourage readers to act.

Healthy Lifestyle Features

Provide Michigan Fitness Foundation with a content calendar on topics that include the following healthy lifestyle features;

  • Michigan SNAP-Ed Success Stories – featuring our partner organizations
  • Community champions that inspire others to eat healthy and move more
  • Healthy resources for senior citizens
  • Parks and Recreation initiatives
  • Food Systems; farmers markets, food pantries, meals on wheels, etc.
  • Seasonal recipes using Michigan Harvest of the Month, Savor the Flavor of Flint, Eat Well in a SNAP (in progress) and USDA websites as recipe sources
  • Low-cost/no-cost events
  • Fruits and vegetables: history, economic impact, what’s in season, what’s local
  • Ways to stay active in the winter – inside and outside
  • Simple ways to make physical activity a part of your daily routine

Analytics & Evaluation

Provide monthly reports that include website traffic, demographic analytics, unique users, click through stats, etc. Work with our team to ensure analytics reports are aligned with the needs of our evaluation specialists.


Proposal Requirements

Include the following with your proposal:

  • Company background
  • Vendor qualifications
  • Demonstration of the organization’s experience with a project of this nature
  • Narrative of the work to be completed
  • Digital Marketing Ecosystem
  • Two writing samples/articles (criteria provided)
  • Sample topic & content calendar
  • Sample analytics report
  • 1-year budget

Writing Sample Guidelines

Provide 2 writing samples up to 500 words each along with examples of social media support.

  • Select 2 organizations from the Featured Partners
  • Use guidelines provided in the Overview
  • Additional resources are available in the Writing Resources

Featured Partners

RFP Timeline

Submit via email on or before 5:00 p.m., December 16, 2019 to: jwhitacre@michiganfitness.org with SNAP-Ed Digital Media Proposal in the subject line.

Review Process

Proposals will be scored based on their alignment with the components above and the ability to deliver content to low income communities statewide. Proposals will be reviewed, and potential vendors will be notified of their status on or before January 15, 2020.

Point of Contact

Questions may be submitted via email, and vendors may also request one 30-minute phone call to discuss the project with our team by contacting Jane Whitacre, Project Manager: jwhitacre@michiganfitness.org.


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Future Opportunities

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