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The Michigan Fitness Foundation seeks an instructional design review of Rec-Connect™: A Physical Activity Demonstration Playbook to ensure it is packaged and presented in a way that optimizes learning for low-income audiences and increased ease of use for organizations implementing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) locally.



Michigan Fitness Foundation develops evidence-based curricula and educational materials for both physical activity and nutrition education. Our materials build the skills and knowledge needed for program participants to lead healthy lives. Rec-Connect™ is a physical activity demonstrations series meant to inspire people to be active every day. The playbook includes a set of planning tools that helps local community groups or organizations host physical activities demonstrations for all age groups – youth, families, adults, and seniors – using a community needs assessment and step-by-step physical activity guides.


Tasks / Deliverables

  • Participate in introductory meeting between MFF Rec-Connect™ team (Project manager, Jocelyn Hayward and Evaluation Specialist, Kerri Vasold) to discuss project history, process, timeframes, and expectations.
    • Provide meeting notes and a scope of work plan.
  • Review existing playbook content: marketing one-pager, steps for success, community assessment, general and visiting instructor guides, 11 activity-specific guides and participant handouts, modification ideas, social media tips, and materials list.
  • Make edits on existing playbook content to increase participant understanding of material and provide (in writing) specific recommendations to:
    • Improve and/or simplify playbook content and format to engage learners and inspire them to increase physical activity.
    • Strengthen the cultural relevance of materials to ensure appropriateness for participants that vary related to race and cultural background.
  • Make edits on existing playbook content to increase ease of use for program facilitators at organizations implementing locally and provide (in-writing) suggestions on current options for converting the newly revised playbook to a digital tool/platform.
  • Attend bi-weekly progress meetings with MFF Rec-Connect™ team.
    • Provide meeting notes and updated scope of work plan as needed.


Project Schedule

Anticipated 3 – 4 months; ideal timeframe would be completion by January 12, 2022.


Point of Contact

Questions about the RFP or requests for one 30-minute phone call to discuss the project in more detail should be directed to: Jocelyn Hayward, Project Manager, jhayward@michiganfitness.org


Proposal Review

Proposals will be evaluated based on their alignment with the deliverables included in this RFP. Proposals should include 1) a work plan including timeframes, 2) associated budget with hourly rate and estimation of hours, and 3) key personnel with a brief summary of related training/experience. Potential contractors will be notified of their status on or before October 22, 2021.



Proposals should be submitted via email before 4:30pm EST, September 22, 2021 to: jhayward@michiganfitness.org with the subject line: Rec-Connect Playbook Proposal.

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