GFA 2017: Healthy Workplace Award Finalists


Marsh & McLennan Agency | Michigan (aka MMA Michigan) has an informal wellness committee headed by the Director of Human Resources and HR Assistant in collaboration with the new Director of Total Health & Wellbeing. They believe employees deserve an exceptional work environment that supports their professional development and personal wellbeing. The main goals are for each employee to reach their own wellness objectives and maintain high participation levels in the organization. Marsh & McLennan Agency’s total health & wellbeing vision is “to strengthen the health & prosperity of the communities we live and work in by supporting the development of health-supportive cultures.”  Click here for video


The Weight Watchers’ wellness committee was established in 1997, and has grown notably over the years. The leadership team plays an active role in workplace wellness initiatives, as they have a strong presence on the wellness committee and a voice in researching, planning and scheduling. They regularly participate in the onsite wellness program, and produce various incentives to increase employee participation and interest. Their goal is for employees to come to work feeling healthy, happy and energetic. They believe that it is important to create programs and wellness initiatives that encourages their team to invest in themselves, invest in their relationship with their coworkers and the company. In order to achieve this, a variety of activities are offered that focus on physical, mental and emotional health. These program are designed to build and strengthen relationships within all departments, while encouraging better health.   Click here for video


The Center for Financial Planning’s Health & Wellness Committee started in 2007, reaching almost 10 years of providing tool for leading a balanced life to its employees. The center’s mission statement reads: To improve health, well-being and quality of life for Center staff. All or most of the center’s partners participate in many aspects of the Health & Wellness Committee. Within the committee, each member plays a unique leadership role. All eight members are active in producing innovative ideas and spearheading different projects based on the interests and strengths of the staff. Environmental support efforts within the workplace include: Walking paths, small weights, a quiet room to mediate or rest, exercise bands and healthy snacks. Through open suggestion and employee feedback, health and wellness has been engrained in the Center for Financial Planning.   Click here for video


MSU Federal Credit Union has a formal Workplace Wellness Committee, called CU Healthy. This committee was formed in 2008 and aims to support and encourage a culture focused on health and wellness. This committee works to encourage this culture by organizing several challenges and events throughout the year, and they are responsible for the planning and implementation. Every quarter, the CU Healthy committee hosts a quarterly challenge aimed at improving the health and wellness of employees through various activities. In addition to the challenges, the CU Healthy team encourages employee wellness through other initiatives such as the Health Fair and Flu Shot clinic. There is also a CU Healthy intranet page where employees can go to find recipes, fitness moves, register for local 5k race and walks, and provide feedback. The CU Healthy team meets on a bi-weekly basis to evaluate program participation and effectiveness, plan for upcoming events, and look at new ways to make an impact on employees. All of these activities and resources help support the healthy lifestyle culture here at the Credit Union.   Click here for video


Progressive AE has had a Wellness Committee in place for well over a decade. The committee's role has been to create a platform for staff representatives to inform the leadership of wellness trends that work within the organization. The group includes more than 20 members that represent the diversity of disciplines within the office. Together, they make it their goal to encourage overall wellness and fitness goals. The Wellness Committee is chaired by a Board of Shareholders representative and has an assigned liaison member from the Board of Directors. Progressive AE’s wellness was born out of the idea that healthy employees are happier and more productive. Also, as a self-insured employer, there was a business incentive to promote healthy lifestyle choices for employees. By doing so, they not only incentivize employees, but also provide education and exercise opportunities that have a positive impact on families.   Click here for video


The KCC Wellness Committee has been in existence for 11 years. The Committee strives to represent all divisions and employee groups on campus. The membership consists of representatives from each division and includes faculty, maintenance, support staff and administration. The executive leadership of the College plays an active role in all Wellness initiatives and programs. They support new initiatives and provide feedback to the committee on ways to continue to grow the impact of the Wellness committee and reach even more employees. The following Wellness policies are in place: Before hours employee-only access to the campus fitness center, development of a wellness publicity form and procedures to publicize wellness events, publication and electronic distribution of the KCC Wellness Newsletter, monetary incentive program for completion of health risk assessment and biometrics, and free basic membership for all regular employees at the local YMCA.   Click here for video

Very Large

The University of Michigan’s MHealthy program began in CY2009 as a presidential initiative to promote the health and well-being of the university community. An integrated model was established under the MHealthy umbrella for both the academic and health system campuses, including Occupational Health Services, Wellness and Health Risk Reduction Services and Employee Assistance Services, as well as strong partnerships with the Integrated Disability Management Program, Safety, Organizational Development, and Benefits. The program aims to promote the health, well-being and quality of life of the U-M community by keeping the well well, helping those with health risks or chronic conditions to improve their health and fostering a healthy culture, environment and positive relationships that engage and support faculty, staff and the community at large. MHealthy offers programs to address physical activity, nutrition and weight management, alcohol management, tobacco cessation, back care, cancer prevention, ergonomics, mental and emotional health and stress management, as well as a comprehensive array of occupational health services.   Click here for video


The B-Well Wellness Advisory Council consists of employees who represent the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan culture. This includes employees from a variety of locations who hold management and non-management positions, as well as bargaining and non-bargaining union employees and an executive sponsor. The Wellness Advisory Council members assist the B-Well program by disseminating information to fellow employees as well as providing feedback to B-Well regarding employees’ ideas and suggestions for the wellness program, site-specific needs and more. Leadership plays an integral role in the workplace wellness initiatives. Leaders encourage employees to take part in health initiatives by showing their support as well as personally participating in company and community wellness events.   Click here for video


One of MidMichigan Health’s primary organizational strategic goals includes employee and physician engagement. The leadership supports the following initiatives: Walk and talks with executive leaders, directors and managers. Opportunities to build relationships and connectedness, encouraging movement while getting to know each other. A wellness component will be added to the Job Performance Review (JPR) for manager level and higher in 2017. A healthy, reduced cost lunch plate ($2.00) will be piloted in the cafeterias. Wellness has a position on the council for Relationship Based Care, specifically to discuss the opportunity for implementing a “relaxation” station on the nursing units. Leadership commitment to participate in Recess at Work day on June 16, 2016. Along with these initiatives, wellness is recognized as a valuable component of Employee Engagement, which is one of MidMichigan Health’s 5 pillars.   Click here for video