Pedestrian Safety

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In communities across Michigan, pedestrians routinely risk getting hit by a car — resulting in serious injuries or even death. The statistics are grim, but there are steps we as Michiganders can take to improve them! By taking an active role and learning to pay attention to the risks of the road, communities in Michigan can prevent pedestrian deaths. We can all learn the best way to share the road.


Check for pedestrians, including at both marked and unmarked crosswalks. Keep in mind that bus stops, schools and parks are common areas for foot traffic.

Check for pedestrians, The faster your car is going, the more damage is done if you hit a pedestrian. At 48 m.p.h., the average risk of severe injury is 90% and the average risk of death is 75%2.

Use caution and slow down in the evening, when lighting is low or during bad weather.

Make complete stops at traffic lights and stop signs, then check for pedestrians before continuing through the intersection.


Try to make eye contact with drivers to indicate you’ll be crossing the street.

Walk facing traffic if you have to walk in a road.

Let drivers know your intent to cross by waving, gesturing or putting a foot near the road.

Look left-right-left before crossing a street and continue looking while crossing.


Spotting pedestrians isn’t always easy. During 2022 alone in Michigan, there were1:

  • 173 pedestrian deaths
  • 391 serious pedestrian injuries
  • 600 minor pedestrian injuries

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2022 in Monroe1:
1 pedestrian deaths
8 pedestrian injuries

2022 in Ypsilanti1:
0 pedestrian deaths
8 pedestrian injuries

2022 in Detroit1:
37 pedestrian deaths
206 pedestrian injuries

2Impact speed and a pedestrian’s risk of severe injury or death, Brian C Tefft, 2011

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