Michigan Fitness Foundation launches Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Run Store and Commemorative Poster

Michigan Fitness Foundation launches Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Run Store and Commemorative Poster

Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Run 20th Anniversary Poster

LANSING, MI — Michigan Fitness Foundation has launched a new Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Run Pop-up Store and created a 20th Anniversary Commemorative Poster to mark the event.

Using the Printify print on demand online platform, new official event merchandise has been created and includes hoodies, hats, neck gaiters, and socks to weekender bags, camp mugs, pint glasses, journals, puzzles, arctic fleece throws, and more. Printify uses a vast network of providers to ensure competitive product & shipping prices, as well as speedy deliveries across the globe.

To commemorate the event’s 20th Anniversary, a new tee shirt design and commemorative poster was created by Michigan Fitness Foundation Senior Graphic Designer Charli Holloway.

“It was exciting to think about how to design the artwork for the tee shirts and a 20th Anniversary Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Run Poster to mark this milestone,” said Holloway. “I drew inspiration from vintage travel posters, photos we have here in our archives, and my personal experience from running on the Mighty Mac in past years.”

The poster illustrates the sights and sounds of the event – the colorful blue sky, oscillating waves below, evergreen shoreline in the distance, and joyful seagulls flying high above that sing the runners across the finish line. Holloway also matched the actual Federal Standard paint colors from the Mackinac Bridge in her design by using the iconic ivory color (Federal Standard 595b color number 13711) for the bridge towers and the distinguished green (Federal Standard 595c color number 14110) for the bridge cables and structural steel.

“From brainstorming and mood boarding to concept designing and bringing it all to life, it’s been a fun and rewarding experience,” said Holloway. “I hope everyone feels how special the event and its location is through the artwork.”

Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Run Shirt
Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Run 20th Anniversary Race Tee Shirt

The new tee shirt design used a simplified version of bridge graphics developed for the commemorative poster and that design is also used on much of the merchandise in the Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Run Pop Up Store offerings.

“We have had runners, families and friends of runners, and people from Bridge Walk asking about additional merchandise over the years,” said Michigan Fitness Foundation Director of Communications Mary McGuire. “Being able to use a print on demand platform makes it easy for us to offer a variety of official merchandise. Now people can mark their love for the event whether they are past or present runners, family members cheering runners on at the finish line, or just fans of the Mighty Mac.”

Governor Granholm and others at the finish line at the 2008 Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Run
Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm breaking her own Bridge Run record in 2008. Image by John L. Russell / AP. Courtesy of Mackinac Bridge Authority

The Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Run was started by former Governor Jennifer Granholm who was an avid runner. In 2003, she chose to run across the bridge to honor and celebrate everyone that had a part in constructing the Mackinac Bridge and the hardworking people in Michigan’s labor community. She also liked the healthy competition between past governors regarding the time it took to walk the Mackinac Bridge. She was motivated to beat former Governor William Milliken’s walking record set at 47 minutes, who himself had beat former Governor George Romney’s record of 53 minutes. Granholm made the crossing in 43 minutes but because she started prior to the official 7:00 a.m. start, she logged in at 47 minutes, tying Milliken’s record. However, that didn’t slow her down, by the end of her term, she had beat his record and shattered her own by clocking in at 35 minutes, 27 seconds. Today, Granholm is the G.O.A.T., as no other Michigan governor has beat her record to date.

In 2004, the run became an official event and Michigan Fitness Foundation was tasked with the planning and management of the “fun jog.” On Labor Day, about 300 Michiganders added to bridge history by being the first group to officially run across the Mighty Mac. Today, the fun run is capped at 700 participants.

“We have been honored to host the Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Run to promote health and physical activity for the past 20 years and look forward to continuing this signature event,” said Michigan Fitness Foundation CEO & President Amy Ghannam. “Like the Labor Day Bridge Walk, the Bridge Run has become a family tradition and a way to celebrate the valued role of Michigan’s labor community.”

Michigan Fitness Foundation organizes and coordinates the bridge run each year, For more information and to register for event, tap runsignup.com/bridgerun and to visit the online store, tap michiganfitnessfoundation.printify.me.

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