Evaluation Services

Our Approach

Teamwork: Our evaluation team possesses a wide range of interdisciplinary skills and expertise. We thoughtfully build our teams to match the unique needs of each client’s evaluation project. We customize.

Locally-driven and Participatory Focus

Locally-driven and Participatory Focus: Because you know your programming and communities best, we employ participatory evaluation techniques ensure the scope of your evaluation plan meets and address the needs of all involved. With this approach, our evaluators learn from your staff, program participants, and other community members as stakeholders. Once we identify what needs are to be evaluated, we can implement your evaluation project with the least amount of burden or disruption to programming for all. We listen.

Methodological Rigor

Methodological Rigor: We follow the Guiding Principles of the American Evaluation Association in all stages of the evaluation process, from initial focus and purpose discussions to the design, implementation, reporting, to the end use of the evaluation. To ensure our work produces accurate and credible results, we employ a variety of rigorous evaluation qualitative and quantitative evaluation designs. We are proficient.

MFF Evaluation Effective Reporting

Effective Reporting to Reach Diverse Audiences: Evaluation must tell your story effectively. Our evaluation reports are tailored to transform complex data into professionally designed presentations to tell your story to a variety of stakeholders. Whether we are creating a formal report, PowerPoint presentation, webinar materials, or a dashboard, we can customize your reports with images, videos, graphics, charts, infographics, interactive elements, and more to ensure it is engaging. We take the boring out of reporting.

Integration of Equity and Social Justice

Integration of Equity and Social Justice: Michigan Fitness Foundation took part in the 2020 Equitable Evaluation Initiative Health Fund Collaboratory. Aligned with the Equitable Evaluation Framework, we explore how evaluation design and implementation can be used to go beyond a description of existing inequities to advance equity. We prioritize, integrate, and center equity into evaluation.


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