Evaluation Services

Our Services

ADVANCING THE MISSION – Grants management

  • Grant readiness
  • Grant proposal and budget development for local, corporate, community, state, and/or federal dollars
  • Grant writing, reviewing, proofreading, and editing
  • Uniform guidance compliance
  • Post award consultation

PLAN FOR SUCCESS – Evaluation & research design

  • Needs assessment to determine the essential requirements of the end users
  • Process evaluation to focus on program content and delivery
  • Outcome and impact evaluation to focus on change due to the program
  • Causal designs such as: Experimental, Quasi-experimental designs, Theory-based Evaluations, Realistic Evaluation, Contribution Analysis, Qualitative Techniques, the General Elimination Method, and Value for Money


  • Formative evaluation to focus on program improvement
  • Summative evaluation to determine overall program quality
  • Research to forward societal knowledge and understanding

THE NUMBERS – Evaluation & research methods

  • Instrument development, testing, and data collection
  • Survey, interview, focus group, and participant observation
  • Data cleaning, entry, and analysis
  • Data aggregation ​and evidence synthesis

TENDING TO DETAILS – Development of protocols for the protection of human subjects and compliance monitoring

SHARING RESULTS – Telling your success stories

  • Snapshot summaries
  • Data visualization
  • Interim and final reports and presentations
  • Meaning-finding stakeholder meetings
  • Post report support


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