Introducing the MFF SNAP-Ed Community Impact Grants

Introducing the MFF SNAP-Ed Community Impact Grants

Based on partner organizations’ feedback and the evolution of requirements at USDA, the Michigan Fitness Foundation (MFF) has redesigned our SNAP-Ed grantmaking structure for FY 2021.

The MFF SNAP-Ed Community Impact Grants are intended to influence positive change in individual health behaviors and in the policies, systems, and environments that impact access to affordable healthy food and safe opportunities to be active.

There are two funding options for the MFF SNAP-Ed Community Impact Grants available to new or returning partner organizations: 1) Request for Proposals (RFP) and 2) Request for Applications (RFA).

  1. RFP – propose a comprehensive SNAP-Ed program clearly tied to community needs and demonstrate organizational capacity to independently design and deliver highly-effective programming within federal grant requirements.
  2. RFA – apply to deliver a locally-relevant packaged program to your identified populations in selected settings that you will collaboratively design with MFF.

If you have previously received MFF SNAP-Ed funding (through RFP or RFA) and are interested in FY 2021 SNAP-Ed funding from MFF, you must review both grant options to determine which is the best fit for your organization.

To learn more about the MFF SNAP-Ed Community Impact Grants, including technical assistance opportunities and FAQs, visit: (links to new window).

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