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In a grow-together-or-grow-apart world, we’re growing apart, and it’s not sustainable for our health, our planet, or our economy. We need a Mode Shift; a shift in our thinking that points us back towards connecting to the things that we care about — to our health, well-being, and each other.

By Mary McGuire In the second part of our series on the intersection of public art and public health, we continue with a placemaking statement through a monumental work of art created by internationally known Detroit-based sculptors David Barr and Sergio De Giusti. Their sculpture “Transcending” rises 63 feet into the sky in the form [...]
By Mary McGuire In public spaces, art is more than placemaking, it has a deeper role to play. Research tells us that public art sparks curiosity, reduces stress, provides a sense of community, and makes a positive impact on the health and well-being of the everyday citizens that interact with it. The intersection between public [...]
By Mary McGuire Family taking a walk on the Lansing River Trail People use the term walkable or walkability when describing neighborhoods, downtowns, college campuses, shopping malls, tourist towns, and more. Though, what does it mean when we say something is walkable? According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, since 1736, the term walkable has been [...]
By Mary McGuire Photo Credit Spirit of Detroit by Vito Palmisano courtesy of Visit Detroit The City of Detroit moved the transportation world from four hooves to four wheels during the 20th century and now the Motor City has another focus in the 21st - vibrant and accessible public spaces that promote physical activity. Creating [...]
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